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Dragonheart S1: Paths of Fate fanscript

Chapter 3: Severing bond in blood

Brynn's camp- Nightfall

Attor: (to Razorthorn and his mate while the human Picts prepare their weapons for their next assault) Nothing has changed after we've returned. Anglorum against Briton, Picti and Scoti!

Ismenia: Romans were the cause(growls)

Attor: And so are the other. (gravely) Now our son is becoming a very powerful dragon!
Ismenia: There he is.
Attor: Come here my son.
Razorthorn: (Walks towards them)
Attor: We have much to teach you.
Razorthorn:I am willing to learn.
Ismenia: He shows passion for it. Even though we haven't been with him for years!

Attor: That will truly fulfill what he is meant for. You see these humans?
Razorthorn:I do.
Attor: All these pitiful fools fighting for a lost cause when we are better!
Razorthorn: (Intrigued)
The two look over the Picts running towards Saxon cavalrymen to cut them down but they were overpowered by their move.

Ismenia: They won't win this time. So shall we intervene?

Attor: No. (Razorthorn gives him a questioning look.)
Razorthorn: Why?
Attor: We must let them lose this time!
Razorthorn: "Let them lose"? Why?
Attor: Because they are unworthy of our pity! Not even the other side they're fighting against! We'll get to see how much they beg!
Razorthorn:...I think I see your point .
Brynn: (ferociously attacks some Saxons by slicing their throats with her two sickles until one enemy bigger than her throws her violently. The opponent tries to hit her with his mace but she evades with a roll.)
Razorthorn: (Keeps watching the carnage)
Egric: They’re stronger! (blocks more attacks)
Sigebert: (taunts his enemies) Come on you sons of whores! (swings his broadsword at two and nails one against the ground and blood flies over his face.)

Razorthorn: (To Attor) You are convinced they are going to fail, but from my perspective they seem to be doing fairly well!
Attor: (points at Brynn fighting then at Sigebert who is overpowered along with other Picts.)
Razorthorn : (Snorts in disgust) Weaklings!
Brynn: (breaks herself off the large opponent's squeezing grip stabbing his hand.) No (bleeped) Saxon touches me! (takes out her calling horn and blows it but no one flies to aid.)RAZORTHORN! (blows the horn)

Ismenia: Now she needs help! (Razorthorn flies off) Wait!

Attor: Let's follow him!
Razorthorn: (Pounces on Brynn's attacker)
Brynn: (pants as she sees him break the attacker's skull with his tail.)

Ismenia: (lands to roar at the Saxons before shooting fire at them.)
Razorthorn: (lunges at a Saxon, biting his throat)
(Suddenly one Saxon threw an axe at Ismenia making Brynn writhe.)

Attor: NO! RETREAT! (picks his mate up)

Ismenia: I'll live my love!
Razorthorn: (Throws spikes at the Saxon)
Egric: Effortless Raze! Come on Sigebert!
Sigebert: (grunts after finishing off some enemies)
Razorthorn: WHAT!?
Attor: Your mother is wounded!!
Razorthorn: (snaps)She should have been more careful then ! If she dies ,she dies !
Attor: So will your precious Brynn! She and your mother share each other's pain!
Razorthorn: (Pauses for a moment and curses under his breath) FINE!
Sigebert: (to the rest of the men) HEAD FOR THE CAMP!

Egric: (holding Brynn) I have the queen. Now let's go back!

Brynn: (moans)

Cut to--

INT-- Next to the tent, behind the rest of the camp

Ismenia: (breathes as her mate cleans her wounds) Thank you my love.

Attor: (whispers along with a soft growl) Anything for you. (nuzzles beside her neck)

Ismenia: (moans and whispers to him)That woman will be the end of me! (keeps gasping in pleasure and at the same time in fear)I can feel it coming for me! (her claw grips the grass tightly like a sheet until Attor collapses on top of her and she strokes him lovingly.) Don't ever leave me.

Egric: (walking with a pot until he froze in fear at the sight of the two dragons)Oops...whatever it was you two were doing I didn't see!

Attor: (growls menacingly)

Egric: Alright I'm leaving! No one was watching 'pon my word! (rushes away from them until he bumps with Razorthorn's armored chest)Oh's just you!
Razorthorn : (Snarls in annoyance ) Yes, its me!
Egric: Forgive me I wasn't looking! (shows him the pot) Jus' cleaning for M'lady! Your parents surely loooove each other! (enters the tent while chuckling nervously)
Razorthorn: (Just growls in annoyance)
(Inside the tent)

Brynn: (shakes and shivers until she wakes up panting.)

Egric: Um, my queen. Everything's clean now!

Brynn: (wiping her face) You sound more scared are you?

Egric: Well, I had bumped into Raze's parents--

Brynn: F(bleeped)? I know! I could hear their move outside! Now they sleep peacefully but during that I could feel everything Ismenia was enjoying, complaining of and fearing! It's stronger than ever!
Egric: You know this is getting bloody creepy! May I ask? Do you also feel the male dragon?(makes gestures.)

Brynn: Not everything!

(Razorthorn was overhearing the two.)

Brynn: Come in Razorthorn.

Egric: (watches the dragon enter)

Brynn: You are dismissed.

Egric: Sure. (exits quietly but almost yelped when the dragons outside snored louder.)
Sigebert: Shhh (signals a gesture to Egric so he won’t cause anymore clumsy trouble)
Razorthorn: What is it Mother?
Brynn: (starts stroking Razorthorn)
Razorthorn: (purrs at her touch)
(All his scales protected his body except for the wings and the back of his neck which were smooth to touch. Razorthorn curled down and hummed to Brynn.)

Brynn: That's a good lad.
Razorthorn: (Continues humming a tune to her)
Brynn: Thank you(strokes him more until he closed his 4 eyes)

EXT- The dragon sanctuary- Nighttime

(Draco walked with Ayeka back to her cave after they had shown human children the wonders of the hatchery.)

Ayeka: That was so much fun!
Draco: It was!
Ayeka: (calling quietly)Mom? Mommy? (hears loud snoring and peeks in to find the wounded Drusus still asleep.) She is not back yet.
Draco: I don't think she will be back for a while.
Ayeka: (worried, she curls down)

Drusus: (yawns) Ohh you two returned.

Draco : Well I see your awake.
Draco (tries to comfort Ayeka ) Hey! It's alright ! She just has an important job to do . I am sure she's fine.
Ayeka: You think so?
Draco: I do!
Drusus:  (shaking his head in concern, he struggles to stand)

Ayeka: I should be out there too!
Draco: I wish we could help but she told us to stay here.
Drusus: Both of you are far too young to venture along with our warriors! You may have shown disregard before but it is a different matter.
Draco: You’re right Drusus ! I just wish I could help in some way!
Drusus: As a matter of fact you are doing it already! I've been told about your bravery back at the Wall!
Draco: I just did what I had to do.
Drusus: That is the way! (winces as he shifts back to the ground)
Draco: Are you alright? Do you need us to get somebody?
Drusus: It's only a bruise lad! I crushed houses remember!

Ayeka: If I find the one who did this to you I'd kill him!

Drusus: (snorts)You keep saying that and he will certainly kill you quick!
Draco: He is right! I have actually met Razorthorn and given the chance he would rip us to shreds.That demon is fierce!
Ayeka: (remembers)Damn!

Drusus: (scoldingly) You watch your language!

Ayeka: I've seen him too! (to Draco) You fought him when he was almost eating those people back there during that battle!
Draco: The only reason I survived was because he was trying to capture me .if he really wanted to kill me ...well let's just say I wouldent be here to tell the tale .
Ayeka: Anyway it was awful for you!
Draco: I just hope I never have to see that vile creature or his monstrous "mother" again!
Ayeka: Well, isn't he the same as all of us? Huh?
Draco: No! He isn't like us ! He was raised for one purpose : To KILL!
Ayeka: I better hope he never joins Pyrrock if he's still alive! Some say he died in a battle against Merlin and his own ice breathing brother who is with my father now.
Draco : Really?
Ayeka: Yeah! We weren't even hatched yet!
Draco: Do you think he is still out there? Alive I mean ?
Ayeka: I said he might since he was punished to some curse!
Draco: Curse?
Ayeka: or imprisoned in ice!
Draco: Ice prison?
Ayeka: That's what the other dragons say!
Draco: Hmmm

Drusus: Now that's enough stories from you so both of you go to sleep!
Draco: you are right, it is late.
Ayeka: (yawns) Let's hope Mom is safe out there.

Drusus:  So will I.(lies down)
Draco: ( yawns)
Ayeka: Sleep well.
Draco : Same to you.
(Later back at the camp)

Attor: (circling around Razorthorn who is ready for his father's teaching) Today we begin.
Razorthorn: I am ready to learn .
Attor: Excellent. But now I need your help son.
Razorthorn: What must I do.
Attor: There are certain creatures we cannot trust anymore and so we need to sever those ties. For a long time, our kind has told us that we all are luminous beings forged by the light of the stars. It may seem unnatural from this world's perspective but from my family, there is another power stronger than these ways.
Razorthorn: And what is this power?
Attor: Right here my son. Your passion! Everything that has been taught from the Old Code of these humans is a lie! I have seen how they seek their own benefit through the destruction of our species. These self proclaimed virtuous dragons fail to see mankind's hidden deceit!
Razorthorn : The old code? All I know of it are bits and pieces but from what I have heard it is all rubbish. One part that springs to mind is "His might upholds the weak", which makes no sense at all . The weak at designed only to serve the needs of the strong. The code means nothing to me .
Attor: (growls and chuckles) Your insight serves you well! All these years and you share the same view with myself and your mother. Continue this and you will be far greater than any dragon of the Code!
Razorthorn: "Greater then any dragon of the Code " ? That does sound good . However I only want to know one thing . Will people ...( all the sudden a wicked smirk comes to his face)...FEAR me?
Attor: They do now! I have been told by witnesses! These people have done well in cultivating your fearsome reputation with those sacrifices! Now comes a farther step into completing your destiny!
Razorthorn: All you need to do is tell me what has to be done and I will do it .
Attor: (smiles devilishly) There is one sacrifice!
Razorthorn: What sacrifice?
Attor: You must restore your true mother’s heart into whole!

(Fade to black)

INT-the cave

Ayeka: (awakes from hearing shrieks and claws scratching the walls. She rose to see Draco who was the cause of the ruckus.) What the hell?
Draco: ( still asleep but struggling violently)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  ugghhhh ! No ! Go away ! Egh ! Leave us alone! Ugghhhh !no don't do it ! I am not like you! Stop it! I SAID STOP IT
!!!!!! ( Wakes up screaming !)
Drusus: (awoke and fumed angrily with growls) NOW WHAT?

Ayeka: Can't you see he's had a nightmare??(tries holding Draco)

Drusus: (growls and restrains Draco even though he was still in pain)NOW BE QUIET AND CALM YOURSELF(Draco stops crying and begins panting)

Ayeka: What was it?(worried) You were screaming as if you were fighting someone!
Draco : The eyes ... The eyes ( looks around finally coming to his senses) Ayeka ? Drusus ? Your both still...(feels his head iand releases a sigh of relief)
And I am still me ! It was just another one of those accursed Dreams! I thought I had finally beaten them!
( tears start streaming)
Ayeka: You were dreaming about us?
Draco : Well you were in it but you were all ... Dead.
Drusus: You know they won't come true unless you stop thinking about them!

Ayeka: (glares)
Draco: I wish I could just push it out of my mind and I thought I had come to terms with it. However there isn't a single moment of my life that I don't fear ... IT happening again .
Ayeka: (pats his back) Just let go. You surpassed this before!
Draco: it's not simple ! I have come to terms with what happened at the feast ... And those I have lost . However i will admit I still feel the sting, and with the news of Razorthorn and Brynn , I can't shake this horrible feeling of dread !
Ayeka: Go back to sleep. Maybe tomorrow we'll go find help.
Draco: I will try. At least I didn't set anything on fire this time.
Ayeka: Yep you did!(smiles) We all trained to control it!
Draco: Yeah (smiles) I am sorry I woke the both of you.
Drusus: And I'm sorry for treating you rough.  (mutters as he curls back to sleep)Is this how it is to raise children?
Draco : (yawns)
(He curls down again and this time no nightmare would haunt him for now.)

(Next POV)


(Auria joins King Edan, Queen Vela and General Pyre as they hide and look over the enemy and another group of humans riding and waiting for them to fight.)
Auria: (gazing at the army) They're all here.

General Pyre: Wait for the King's signal.
Auria: (sees King Edan glide over and whispers)It's time to move.
Ismenia: (swoops and surprises Auria and the biped female general) Hoping to surprise us? (shoots a spine at Pyre but she blocks it with her double blades that she held with her wingspan)


Pyre: No harm done! (growls and charges at Ismenia) You have made a fatal mistake!

Ismenia: (whips Pyre near her face before she flies off.)

Auria: (growls and chases her in an aerial dogfight)
(Meanwhile, Brynn's men began attacking.)

(In the sky)

Auria: (tackles Ismenia with her head and grabs her)Give me your face.(punches her)
Ismenia: (grunts as she pushes herself to charge at Auria and struggle in midair)

(The camp)

Sigebert: (to Egric while they watch the berserkers fight) We gotta get the (bleep) out of here!(starts gathering stolen goods)
Egric: I am with you there! This ( bleep) is getting too crazy for me!
Sigebert: When we get out we buy ourselves a new knighthood alright?
Egric: F(bleep) THAT ! You can do whatever you want to but count me out ! I am tired of dragons , taking orders from maniacs and people trying to stab me with pointy objects! I wanna be a farmer ! I don't know a damn thing about farming but I just wanna do something without people trying to kill me !
Sigebert: Oh you do that! Well with that loot you can own a big house and some land for you to farm!

Brynn: (draws her broadsword) Just what are you two doing??

Sigebert: (gasps nervously) But my queen we are losing--

Brynn: Because Raze isn't coming after summoning him! I have to look for him myself and his mother is in danger!(lowers her sword and sheathed it) Don't even think about leaving until I get back!
Egric: ( grumbles)
Sigebert: Wait! What if it's--(Brynn leaves)
Egric : ... Well there goes my farm and your knighthood . We are pretty much dead!
Sigebert: (whispers) Hurry! Take all the loot you can before she comes back!

Egric: What if she catches up!? I kind of like all my body parts being attached to me!
Sigebert: Well so do I! Quick!

(The skies)

Ismenia: (beating up Auria but her opponent won't give up)

(The forests)

Brynn: (resisting all fear and pain, she searches for Razorthorn and Attor after she found a few tracks. Then she heard his familiar humming and followed the tune until he emitted an innocent whine.) Raze! Why weren't you in battle? Your mother is out there fighting another dragon! (looks at Razorthorn who doesn't answer with anything but his animal sound) Come with me! (desperately) COME ON STUPID LIZARD! It's no wonder why all dragons are slowly becoming extinct! (wraps his wrist with her whip)NOW! (Razorthorn slices the whip while trilling before she gazes his stare becoming menacing towards her.) What?

Razorthorn: (opens his jaws as he gave a shrieking roar at her and one spine fires at her hand)

Brynn: (looks down to see her skewered hand with disbelief and starts running away.)
Razorthorn : (Grins before following Brynn)
(The skies)

Ismenia: (shrieks feeling her hand)WHAT'S HAPPENING?? (continues resisting and pushes Auria to some trees)I WILL FINISH YOU FIRST(tries slashing Auria but she evades and only tears one wing membrane open)

Auria: (roars in pain and struggles with her)

(The forest)

Brynn: (pants while looking for a spot to hide. Luckily she finds a small hut and shuts herself in. But the rattling sound and scrapes could be heard and turns to face Razorthorn who was already inside and snarling.)
Razorthorn: Goodbye... mother (Lunges at Brynn)
Brynn: (gasps as he chomped near her throat. Blood was squirting over the young dragon's face while tearing through her arm and the Pict's horrified expression looking at the pulled tendons from torn flesh. She remains wide eyed as Razorthorn rips out her still beating heart and guards it.)

(The crashed trees)

Ismenia: (fighting the pain after she just stabbed Auria in the stomach with one of her spines.)

Auria: (notices her chest glowing, pulls out the spine and uses it to stab Ismenia's heart.) You fall!

Ismenia: (tries to speak and starts agonizing until she expires)

(Human knights cheer)

Auria: (pressing her wound) She was too dangerous to be kept alive! And all that's left is Lord Attor! (grunts)

Pyre: We have to fly you back to be nursed! Just hang on you have a small daughter!

Auria: (sighs)


Attor: (finds Ismenia's corpse and growls in sorrow speaking to himself before Razorthorn arrived with her half heart from Brynn's) My son you are too late!
Razorthorn : I did my task. I retrieved the heart. It isn’t my fault your mate was killed!!
Attor: (snarls and hisses angrily) She was your real mother! Ohhhh King Edan will surely pay for this!(closes his fist then looks at Razorthorn) You've done well in dispatching the Picti Queen. (Razorthorn still felt guilty hearing this but kneels to him.)
Razorthorn: What shall we do now ?
Attor: We will carry on what we must do! And that is the death of the King! Now rise, my son!
Razorthorn: (Rises and looks over the pile of corpses left on the ground) So much death!

(The woods)

Sigebert: This is it. We're finally out of this! Let's search this hut and then we go into a village! (steps on something squishy and finds a severed foot) Oh my gods! (runs inside and finds Brynn's corpse or what is left of her. Everything was torn and split apart to his sight.)
Egric: Hey whats the matter(Sees Brynn's corpse) HOLY (Bleep) ! I feel like I am gonna be sick !
Sigebert: (disturbed) He(bleeped) this! That scaly (bleeped)er ate her!
Egric: (Disturbed) You mean...Razorthorn did this? I guess she must've pushed him to far or something .(Hits realization) OH GOD ! She was the only thing that stopped that little bastard from doing us in ! We have to get the (bleep) out of here ! I dont like the idea of being a meal for that lizard!
Sigebert: That means he might plan to kill everybody now that he's loose! We gotta go back to the villages!
Egric: He is gonna find us. No one is safe (Breaks down and panics ) Were all gonna die ! There is nothing we can do ! We cant go to anyone for help! Who would help us !? We are both (bleep)ed ! I bet he is watching us now , just wanting to see us squirm ! WHAT ARE WAITING FOR YOU UGLY SON OF A BITCH!!!??? GET IT OVER WITH !!!!
(No answer came from the distance)

Sigebert: Nothing! We got all we looted! Now we should go to the nearest we can find!

(Little did they know that Razorthorn followed his father to a faraway hideout near the seas. The two surviving allies of the Picts would soon change alliance once they found other knights.)
Egric: (Now calm)...Huh...Your right...Well I just made a spectacle of myself for no reason....That was (bleep)ing stupid of me!
Sigebert: (laughs)

Chapter 4 : Bliss
(Back at one of the dragon sanctuary's caves)

Drusus: (sleeps peacefully)

Ayeka: (wakes up first and goes to Draco who is sleeping on his side to stroke him)
Draco: (Winces a bit in his sleep but otherwise is sleeping as peacefully as he can )
Ayeka: (rubs his belly to calm him)

Auria: (enters the cave quietly bandaged with a strip around her torso)

Ayeka: (happily)Mommy! You're back!
Auria: (lies down to nuzzle her daughter)

Ayeka: (noticed her mother's wing bandaged too) Are you ok? Who's done this to you?

Auria: (sighs) It has been a hard fight but it was won!
Ayeka: Really?

Auria: Just one evil doer my dear! She nearly tore my wing and everything else!
Draco: ( sleepily ) What's going on?
Auria: Looks like the boys are waking up!

Draco: (notices the bandages ) Are you alright?
Auria: Yes! With a great price!
Draco: What happened ?
Auria: I really don't want to mention it.  

Drusus: (wakes up) Let her rest please.

Auria: How are your wounds healing?

Drusus: Getting better and soon I'll return to my duty.

Auria: Hatchlings. Go outside for a moment.

Draco: Ummm alright. Come on Ayeka .
Ayeka: (follows Draco outside)

Auria: (weeps silently) I just killed someone who was a mother! I'm worried that her son is still alive!

Drusus: Well he is! He was the one who shot me before I fought his father!

Auria: He's still out there too. I'm worried he may have seen me kill her and may want avenge her death! Well, I found that she had half a heart and the person carrying it must be dead too!
Drusus: We'll find out soon, and you will be protected.
--Next morning:
Village leader: The reign of terror of Brynn is over! We can go home!
(The villagers cheered. Draco ran towards the triumphant cry of the humans and couldn't believe the news was true. He thought of a friend he lost by Brynn's sword during that battle back at the wall.)
Draco: (Looks up at the sky) Grindan ,that monster is finally gone.You are avenged.
Ayeka: Well we don't have to worry about her and her men coming to raid our nests or feed people to her son or pet!
Draco: I should be relived , I mean this great threat that has caused so much pain to so many is finally gone ...And yet one thing still bothers me...

Ayeka: What's that?
Draco:Well while Brynn is gone, her son is still out there and I fear with her gone he might be a worse threat then she ever was , because now he doesn't have to hold back.
Ayeka: I hope we're all wrong cause if he dares to, I--

Hien: You'll do what cousin? Beat him?
Draco: That would be a foolish thing to do! All three of us aren't strong enough to face him! The only reason I wasnt SLAUGHTERED when he caught me was because his mother wanted me to be captured alive ! Now that she is gone, he has nothing to stop him from killing everything he comes across .
Ayeka: And you will wait for it to happen? (pushes Draco)

Hien: It's not the time to train!!

Ayeka: Well it is!
Draco: (Rubs shoulder) Ayeka ,you seem to be forgetting the fact he TOOK DOWN DRUSUS ! If that beast can do that to him , imagine what he would do to the three of us , even if we did have training!He is a living weapon !
Ayeka: So are we! We all got fire!

Hien: Not all of us!

Ayeka: And our tails are different weapons too. (to Draco) Try how yours works!
Draco: (Lets out frustrated sigh ) FINE! (Reveals his hidden tail weapon ) Anyway that wasn't what I meant!
Ayeka: Wow! You could cut the bastard up with that!

Hien: Hey watch your mouth!

Draco: (Says calmly) I wish I could just beat him up and it would all be over , but its not that simple.When I said he was a weapon it wasn't just because he was stronger then us or because he could throw spikes. See, he was raised to bring destruction and death, that's all he knows.
Ayeka: (whips Draco provoking him into a fight) Come on! Is that all?

Hien: (tries not to laugh but he gives in)You are so foolish! Hahahahaha!
Draco: (rolls his eyes) It’s like I am talking to a tree stump!
Ayeka: So I'm a tree stump? Huh? (speeds and whips him more to make him complain)
Draco: FINE IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT THEN I WILL FIGHT !(Hits her with his tail!)
Ayeka: Doesn't hurt me!

Hien: Ohhh(laughs hysterically) You guys!
Draco: (Now steaming with pure rage ) SHUT THE (bleep) UP HIEN BEFORE I RIP YOUR TONGUE OUT! (Lunges at Ayeka)
Hien: You cursed?

Ayeka: (gets pinned by Draco and pants heavily)You can let go.

Drusus: (enters) What are you two doing playing the fool?
Draco: (Lets go of Ayeka) The only fool here is her! (Leaves really angry )
Hien: You really pushed it this time cousin!
Ayeka: Wait!

(Draco ran off to a creek to lay down alone.)
Draco: (Mutters to himself ) They won't listen.They won't understand until its to late ...
(The biped female dragon called Pyre finds him.)

Pyre: You know I was supposed to look after you and teach you but these times proved too difficult.
Draco: I understand that.

Pyre: Come. You must be hungry now.
Draco: (Follows her)

Ayeka: I don't understand why he's still afraid of him when he faced him!

Hien: Cause he's actually been there and doesn't want to go through that again!
Ayeka: By the way...(feels her wrist aching from Draco's tail whip) it did really hurt!(Then she turns to see her mother accepting Drusus' proposal.)I will never understand!

Hien: Cheer up cousin.
Ayeka: Yeah. I should

(Meanwhile, Pyre took Draco to see the human stepfamily he saved from Razorthorn during the battle. First he saw King Cerdic with his wife Mildrith, holding her newborn baby.)

Pyre: Do you remember her?
Draco:Yes,I do.
Pyre: You told me she used to be mean to you?
Draco:She was but that was before...It happened.
Pyre: Oh.

Draco: I remember how she panicked the first time she saw me along with her sister.

Pyre: (laughs)
Draco: (Chuckles) I was trying to show them where the bread was and the next thing I knew they were screaming !
Pyre: (laughs) Really? I almost did the same thing when I was your age except it was around the fairies where I'm from.
Draco: (laughs) I didn't know that !

Pyre: So, do you want to wave at them?
Draco: Of course.

Pyre: I'll wait for you.

Cerdic: (spots Draco flying) Wait isn't this--

Mildrith: Oh yes. (waves at Draco until he lands softly.) Oh look at you! You're growing bigger!

Cerdic: Last time we saw you, you were the size of a grown cat!

Mildrith: (hearing her baby fuss)Oh shh it's alright. He's just a friend.
Draco: It has been a while.

Mildrith: You're sounding different too.
Draco:So I've been told.
Mildrith: (shows her baby to Draco) This is my son.

Draco: Awwww! Ain't he a sweet little thing?

Mildrith: Cerdic named him after his brother.
Draco: Ohhhh!

Mildrith: If I do have a girl I'd name her Lyneth.
Draco: (Simply smiles)
Mildrith: We really missed you.

Draco:I will admit I have missed you too.
Mildrith: (hears her baby Cynric crying)Shhh it's alright. (sings an upbeat tune softly) If I could share my life with you. You know how happy we'll be.

Cerdic: That's our song! (chuckles)
Draco: Shall I tell you how I took care of orphaned dragons?

Cerdic: Really?
Draco:Yes. I tend to help out at the hatchery as much as possible.

Mildrith: Even dragons can be like us humans!
Draco: What do you mean?

Mildrith: It's just that we didn't know how they can care for others before. We sure have a lot to learn about them instead of hurting them.
Draco:To be honest Dragons aren't too different from humans ...Aside from the obvious things like the scales , wings ,the ability to share hearts and being really big.
Cerdic : I see.
Draco: Other then that we have a lot in common with humans.We feel all the things you feel,love, anger, happiness ,sadness and so on.
Cerdic later heard the young dragon hum sweetly near Mildrith and the baby.

Mildrith: (whispers) Come my darling.

Cerdic: I've never heard him do that.

Mildrith: Of course you did!(giggles)
Draco: (Keeps humming the tune)
Mildrith: (whispers)The baby's now asleep. ^^
Draco: (Whispers) That is a wonderful child you have there.

Mildrith: (whispers)Thank you. We must be going back. Do you have somewhere to go?
Draco: I have to go back and apologize to some friends .I kind of snapped at them.
Mildrith: Good luck.
Draco: Same to you.

Pyre: Come along now. It's getting dark. (flies with Draco)
Draco: Alright (Flies off with her)

Pyre: Tomorrow there's a celebration.

Draco: Oh really?
Pyre: The king and queen are holding it. (glides down to the cavern) You must attend.
Draco:I will! It might be fun!
Pyre: That's a good lad.
Draco: (smiles)

Pyre: (releases her swords from her wingspan to keep them safe. That ability impressed Draco that he wanted to ask.)
Draco:Wow! How did you do that!?

Pyre: My wings have that ability. Not all dragons can lift their own weapons like that just like this Dallin the pirate (Draco nods as he knows who he is) turning into moss to protect himself instead of stone. You, by your kind of dragon can!
Draco:I can do that ? All I knew was I could do this (Reveals his tail weapon)

Pyre: Mm hmm! That is one of your main defenses besides fire. When you grow up, it'll be much sharper as a blade and hard as a hammer and you'll grow more spikes. Stand up please. To the wall.
Draco: ( goes to the wall) What do I do now?
Pyre: I'm just measuring you. (marks his height as he stood up)You are gonna be very tall!
Draco:I am!? (smiles)
Pyre: Aye.
Draco: Wow!
Pyre: And you will be magnificent! (feeds Draco pieces of cooked bird)
Draco:You really think so?
Pyre: If you promise to be just and good!
Draco: I will! I do! You are the best! (With that promise, he flew to his corner to sleep and waved goodnight to Pyre.)
Dragonheart S1 "Paths of Fate" fanscript

Chapter  1:  Grounded hatchlings

EXT-Outside the dragon sanctuary grounds.

Ayeka: (to Draco after they stopped running.)Take a look at this!! (points at a birdlike statue)I wonder how this got here!!
Draco: It looks like a hawk!

Ayeka: More like a big crow!(laughs) Silly you!! (crawls on top of the statue) Look what I can do with it!
Draco: (laughs) It still can't do anything!

Ayeka: (wags her tail at the statue's face)Woo hoo!

Tengu: (awakens from its stone form with an angry clucked growl)Naaaaaaughty child dragon! You shall...BE PUNISHED!
Ayeka: Says the ugly brutish bird man!! RUUUUN!!
Tengu: (squawks)I will punish you!
Draco: Must go faster ! Must Go faster !

Ayeka: I'M GOING FASTER! (jumps over the Tengu's swipes) AAH!

Draco: NOT FAST ENOUGH ! (Tengu swipes at him) YIKES!

Tengu: COME HERE YOU FILTHY BRATS! (Kias and squawks)

Draco:YOU WILL HAVE TO CATCH US FIRST!(Realizes what he said)....I have just made things a million times worse.
Tengu: You will learn when to disrespect the Tengu!! (Squawks as he swoops towards the hatchlings)
Draco: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Ayeka: (whacks the Tengu with a branch)Take that!

Tengu: (angrily) HOW DARE YOU?

Ayeka: (rasperries)

Draco: (Panicked) I think you just made him ANGRIER !
(Soon the three heard loud roars)

Draco: (Surprised)
Auria: (lands swiftly and roars at the Tengu)

Tengu: (stops and bows to her)

Tengu: She disrespected me with no reason! I wasn't doing any harm! (ranting angrily to the dragons in Japanese.) Watashi wa sorera no akudo ga watashi o keishi  suru made chodo ryoko, otozurete ita.  I WAS JUST TRAVELING! VISITING! UNTIL THE LITTLE BRATS DISRUPTED MY PEACE WITH THEIR LEWD INSULTS!
Draco: We are sorry ! (embarrassed) We thought you were a statue !
Ayeka: (looks down)

Auria: Well now Ayeka! Apologize to Jigo!

Ayeka: (reluctantly takes a breath to apologize)Gomenasai. Watashi wa anata  o bujoku suru tame…gomen’nasai. Watashi wa gakidatta. (in shame repeating in English to Draco) I have been very rude to you. I'm so sorry for insulting you. I have been a brat and therefore I'm punished.
Draco: (glares at Ayeka)Grrr
Auria: That saved you from his punishment! You would have had it worse if it wasn't for me! Now you two are grounded.
Draco: Wait ,I didnt even insult him!

Ayeka: You did taunt him once.

Draco: (heated)NOT INTENTIONALLY !
Auria: (snaps) Silencio! Stop bickering!
Draco: (Immediately stops and talks respectfully yet with a bit of fear mixed in)Yes Ma’am .
(Later, while all young dragons who were reprimanded by their elders worked, Draco got assigned to watch over the hatchery of orphaned eggs which was nestled in one cave. For some who couldn't control their fire as one dragon of the past had mentioned in his scrolls, no excitement should occur near them. But lulling seemed to be another alternative to calm unhatched eggs who were in distress.)
Draco: (Sings quietly and sweetly)
Nurse Dragon: Aww that's the sweetest I've ever heard! It even stopped the babies from shaking out of control! That's a good lad!
Draco: Thank you ma'am. Just trying to do the best I can.
(Then one small egg started to hatch slowly. Out pushed very thin limbs as the squeaks were heard.)
Draco:Hey! One’s hatching !
Nurse Dragon: (gathering other young dragons to watch) Ah yes! During a hatching it's very important to gain the newborn's trust.

Draco: (Looks on in awe)

(The newborn finally revealed its face to the dragons as it let out a hissing squeak.)

Hien: Oh can I look?

Gyrde: (cleaning the newborn out of the shell)It's a boy!
Draco:  (smiles) Ohhhh!
Gyrde: (comforting the crying newborn dragon) It's ok!  

Hien: It's very hissy!

Draco: Well he did just hatch!
Hien: (chuckles)I wonder if I did that when I hatched!

Draco: (chuckles )
Gyrde: (calms the dark scaled newborn)Good boy. (sees the larger eggs moving)Oh more about to hatch!

(One of the large eggs cracked to reveal a newborn female almost identical to Draco's scales, horns and newborn size. She started to emit a growling wail.)

Draco: It’s a girl!
Hien: How do you know?? Hahaha!

Gyrde: Some girls have less horns.

Draco: (To Hien) Precisely !

(The newborn female lay on her back while wailing. Draco got close to lull her gently until he heard his voice crack.)
Draco: Huh that was odd. (The newborn female kept crying.)
Draco:No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no ! Don't cry ! I will try again  O sing sweet ( a bit off key)Nightingale (Immediately covers his mouth as newborn cries even louder.  Then a young white female dragon with red eyes felt pity for Draco and shook her head next to her mate who was helping along.)

Hien: (tries not to laugh)

Nurse Dragon: (attends both Draco and the newborn) Aww it's alright we're all here! (the white dragon comes to them) Nube hold her please.
Nube:  Yes ma’am. (cradles the red newborn dragon)

Gyrde: (holding the other newborn) I think you've done plenty for us.

Nurse Dragon: (to Draco) Yes. How about you take yourself a rest.

Draco:You’re right. That has never happened before though!
Gyrde: (whispers) I'll tell ye. It's perfectly normal! Yer just changing that's all! Now get rest.
Draco: Changing ?
Gyrde: Yer just growing up! Listen to Hien! He sounds different already!
Draco: Oh ! Thats all ?
Gyrde: Yes! And ye'll still sound lovely!
Draco: Doesn't look that way at the moment.
Gyrde: You'll see.


Hien: (about to wake Draco)Psst. Wake up!

Draco: (Sleepily) What is it ?
Hien: Ayeka has run away!
Draco: She did WHAT!?

Hien: Shhh. Her mom doesn't know!
Draco: Sorry(whispers) Wait , then how do you know ?

Hien: She told me how fed up she was and left me this note!

Draco: What does it say ?
Hien: (reads) Meet me at the trolls. (looks away from the letter)Trolls? But there aren't any around these parts!
Draco: I think she is referring to a place.
Hien: Maybe since she didn't specify nor written it well! What is she playing at?
Draco:Who knows .Anyway I want nothing to do with it ! I already got in trouble today after she antagonized that Tengu and nearly got us killed ! I didnt even say anything to that bird yet I got grounded just because I happened to be there!
Hien: But she's my family! She might get herself killed for real this time!
Draco:....Good point .Plus she is still my friend ...(Sighs) Alright I will help .
Hien: Great! Now we gotta check if she left prints or just flew!
Draco : Well let’s first find out what she meant by "Trolls".
Hien: Not even humans around here name such a place!
Draco: Maybe she is referring to a group of statues or a rock formation that look like trolls.
Hien: Look(notices shiny stones and picks one)Starlight?
Hien: But they're just stones! Follow me.
Draco: OK ! Im going!
Hien: You hear that? Music?
Draco: (Listens closely) I hear it too!
Ayeka: Hey there guys!

Draco: There you are !

Hien: Where did you run off to? Cousin?

Ayeka: I just met some visiting trolls! Never knew they were nice that they gave me this!(shows them a club)
Draco: OH! That's what you meant !
Ayeka: And these stones are only theirs! I'll show you.
Draco: Maybe some other time, I think it would be best if we go back.
Ayeka: Aww!

Hien: You HAVE to!
Draco: You can't just run off in the middle of the night!It's dangerous out here . If we dont get back soon ,the others might think we are dead!
Ayeka: But--

Hien: This isn't a game! We, I mean WE nearly got killed by humans once! (Draco lowers his head as he almost mentions the massacre)Oh no!(comforts him)I remember it too.
Draco: (Sighs sadly,trying to push the memories of that ghastly night out of his mind )...I know...(To Ayeka sternly ) Hien is right.We have no idea what lurks out here .Now the question is are you coming with us willingly or will we have to drag you?
Ayeka: (glares) You are not dragging me!

Hien: Then...

Ayeka: I'll go with you alright!!!
Draco: Finally! Now let’s get moving .
Ayeka: Fine!
Draco: Good!
Hien: (quietly leads the two back home) It's a good thing the grownups aren't awake!
Draco:Agreed ! Who knows how much trouble we would be in if they were.
Hien: Well, good night.

Ayeka: I'm not sleepy.(chuckles)

Hien: Oh really!!
Draco: (Rather grumpy)Then count sheep !
Ayeka: (groans)
Draco : Now if you don't mind I am going to get some sleep .
Hien: That girl should have been put with the rest of the smaller babies cause she's behaving like one!
Draco: (Chuckles briefly)Babies have more sense then she does .
Hien: We should show her the newborns tomorrow!

Ayeka: (falls asleep on her back)mmm
Draco: Well goodnight.
Hien: Sleep well(carries Ayeka)
Draco:You too
(Next morning, Draco felt something pounce on his stomach really hard that he woke.)

Ayeka: Alright rise and shine!
Draco: I'm up ! I'm up !
Ayeka: Good! (hears Draco groan in pain and clutching his belly) Awww poor baby I'm sorry!!
Draco: (groans)
Ayeka: (rubs him) Better now?
Draco: Yes.
Ayeka: You know you're a little fat!

Draco: (Somewhat annoyed ) Yes , I know , you’re not the first person to point that out.
Ayeka: (snickers)ME?(laughs harder)
Draco: What's so funny ?
Ayeka: It’s you!
Draco: Oh! And what is funny about me ?
Ayeka: Well how you can be so tough and yet so sweet!
Draco: (Puzzled)What do you mean by that ?
Ayeka: How you fight and I've seen you take care of the orphans at the hatchery.
Draco: Well it is best I know how to defend myself or the ones I care about.
Ayeka: (knocks her fist in Draco's claw as a sign of respect)
Draco: Thanks . Though to be honest I prefer to help with the orphans then to fight .
Ayeka: (grins back at him before heading out with him)

INT- the hatchery

Gyrde: (looks after a red female newborn who isn't responding but still breathes) Come on!  You have to live.
(Draco and Ayeka enter )

Gyrde: There ye are mah dillies! This one hatched in the middle of the night almost with no cries an' very sick!
Draco: Oh no! (Very concerned) Is there anything we can do !?
Gyrde: Ye don't have the necessary skills yet. Ye have to wait for one of our healers.
Draco:...Is she gonna make it ?
Gyrde: I'm hoping it. (two older dragons enter to check on the newborn) Thank goodness yer here!
Draco: Please help.(He watches the healers bring the creatures Ayeka told him about last night then he looks surprised at the small stony creatures handling the red hatchling who responded with a squeak.)

Gyrde: She's waking!
Draco: (Lets out a sigh of relief )
Gyrde: Hi there wee baby! Ye look so happy!
Draco: (Looks at the newborn and smiles )
Gyrde: Yer like a little rosey! I got it! Yer name is Roísin!
Draco: (pronouncing it)Roooo sheen!!  Oooh that's a nice name !
Gyrde: Indeed it is.

Ayeka: (whispers to Draco)I told you there were trolls! They were brought here to help!
Draco: Oh so those are Trolls ! I’ve never seen one before .
Ayeka: My mom told me they heal the sick like us!
Draco: I kind of guessed that.
Ayeka: But it's very much a secret!
Draco: That explains why I haven’t heard about it till today.
Baby Roísin: (cries like a mewing kitten.)

Ayeka: Now she's hungry!
Draco: I would imagine so!
Gyrde: (to Draco)Now I need yer help while the healers prepare her food.
Draco: What do you need me to do ?
Ayeka: (whispers) Sing to her.
Draco:Ummm are you sure that's a good idea ?

Ayeka: Then I'll help you.

Gyrde: Not too loud nor high!

Draco: Alright (sings) Lavender blue, dilly, dilly...
Ayeka: (quietly) Lavender's green
Draco:  (sings) When you are king, dilly, dilly
Ayeka: (sings) I will be queen

Baby Roisin: (sniffles and calms down)
Gyrde: That was lovely ye two! (feeds Roisin)

Baby Roisin: (munches slowly)

Draco: Glad we could help.
Auria: (enters with the white female dragon and other adolescent pupils her age.) So you two cooperated together with no fuss this time? Very good!

Ayeka: Thanks Mom.
Draco:Thank you Ma'am.
Chapter 2: The Razorthorns return
EXT- A village-night

Drusus: (circling a line of warrior dragons protecting the entrance) Now my warriors. We have a duty to these clans' safety.
EXT- Outside the woods

(Brynn, Razorthorn, Sigebert and Egric, lead their troop to sneak attack the village. )

Razorthorn: (growls at the sight of Drusus guarding the entrance) That filthy Elder is out there!
Brynn: (seeing her dragon heading out)You do not fly unless I order so! Drusus is more powerful than you.
Sigebert: That sort of pride is what got Cuthbald killed!

Egric: Shut the (bleep) up! (looks up) Two more of them!

Brynn: It's not their soldiers!

Sigebert: Then who?

Egric: They're beating us to attack!
Sigebert: Wait! I think you know these dragons do you?

Brynn: They might be.

Sigebert: Since you (bleeped) survived what that (bleeped) Grindan gave you during our attack at the Wall.

Egric: (sighs)Good riddance that he (bleeped) died!
Brynn: Are you saying this to try and plot against me?(points her sickle at them)

Sigebert: I wouldn't Ma'am I swear on my (bleeped) life!
(Razorthorn is then drawn to the two dragons and leaves the three humans. Once he is spotted by Drusus, he hovers to face him.)

Drusus: You?

Razorthorn: Yes you old brute I have returned! (his spiny sail is heard retracting and quickly shoots spikes at Drusus who dodged a few before he found two buried in his shoulders.)
Brynn: (gasps) RAZE! (looking at his victim)He hit him!? TIME TO ATTACK!
(Her Pict men begin charging)

Drusus: (moans in pain) How could you?? You delinquent! (tackles Razorthorn to pummel him down)I'll TEACH YOU TO STAND AGAINST ME!
Razorthorn: (takes a spike off his own back to stab Drusus even more but he keeps on fighting)

Drusus: (pushes him away)

Brynn: (runs to Razorthorn while taking out her whip to strike his face in slow motion.)

Drusus: What?(clutching his wounds)

Razorthorn: (roars at her) WHY?

(The dragon couple who landed between the fight made Brynn's eyes widen. They had dark greenish hard scales combined with gray and blue along with their spiny sails that popped through their backs in defense.)

Brynn: (recognized that it was Razorthorn's parents)

Drusus: ( whispers to another dragon while he bleeds)Alert the Knights of this village and get everyone sheltered underground quickly!

Brynn: Lord Attor Razorthorn and Ismenia! (quivers and kneels) I assume you've returned for your son?

Egric: (nervously) Well if it isn't a nice family reunion! Hehe

Attor: (growls)

Drusus: (looking back after he made sure his soldiers and human Knights led villagers to safety) It can't be them!

Razorthorn: Who are they Mother?

Brynn: Do not call me that in their presence! They are your real parents!

Attor: Well said Queen of the Picts!(hisses at her while Ismenia smirks with glee.)

Razorthorn: You are my real father? But she said you both were killed by dragonslayers after you left me with her!

Ismenia: (pointing at Brynn) If I were dead, would she be still around?

Razorthorn: What do you mean?

Attor: The truth, my lost son, is that we gave you away as part of a pact between her and your mother in exchange for the life of her already doomed child while she was dying in battle!
Brynn: (trembles) Now what you will do?

Attor: Simply destroy this miserable village and we have much to deal with later!


Attor: If it isn't the mighty yet stubborn Drusus!


Attor: (swoops to fight him)I see you are already injured!

Drusus: I'm not giving up! (grabs Attor's face to punch him before they disengage and fly atop to shoot fireballs at each other)
Attor: (roars in pain after a fireball struck his claw) YOU WILL PAY GRAVELY FOR THIS!

Drusus: NOT IN YOUR LIFE YOU WORTHLESS SLUG! (the blood loss makes him dizzy enough to plummet down into the village.)

Attor: You've destroyed something yourself without me!(laughs evilly) COME ISMENIA! WE FLY AWAY!
Sigebert:  AYE M’LADY!
Egric: (shocked looking at the destroyed village before running back)

INT- the dragon sanctuary

Ayeka: (looking at various humans taking shelter) What's going on here? (runs back inside and finds Draco asleep. She jabs him gently.)
Draco: (Sleepily) Uhhhh..

Ayeka: There are humans in the cave!
Draco: (Sleepily)That's nice!(Goes back to sleep)
Ayeka: (grunts as she pulls Draco)Come on and see! (gasp) What are the grownups bringing? Sir Drusus? He's hurt!
Draco: (Slowly wakes up) I'm up, I'm up! (Sees all the people )Ayeka, there are humans here! We rarely have humans here! Whats going on?This must be serio-(sees the injured Drusus )...Oh no.
Aed: (a dark blue dragon)Bring him carefully lads! (to Drusus) Don't yank off the spikes yourself!

Drusus: (groans) If I had known his son would become just like him!

Auria: Who did this to you??

Drusus: Razorthorn! (collapses and breathes) That bastard! (to Auria) Now you have to take my place until I--(hisses in pain) What the hell are you pouring me??

Gyrde: It's just to prevent infections sire!
(Then a human family nears the wounded dragon.)

Nerian: (the father of the family approaches Aed) Perhaps I can be of any help to him! I've treated wounded people before.

Aed: Then do so.

Drusus: Please don't! (grunts as the spikes get carefully pulled off.)

Gyrde: There! Ye big baby!

Drusus: (growls)I would appreciate it if you wouldn't embarrass me like that!

Nerian: (helps clean wounds)I also want to thank you for warning us to evacuate the village. You've saved us all.

Drusus: (calmly) It's an honor.
Nerian: My wife and infant son too. (points at the baby) His name is Peadar.

Drusus: (sighs after looking at the woman and child. He got relieved that many lives were saved.) Take good care of them Sir--

Nerian: Nerian M'lord.

Drusus: I'll remember (lets his heavy eyes close.)

Gyrde: (checks Drusus' belly to see if he breathes) Good! He's just sleeping.
Ayeka: I've never seen him like this!
Draco: Neither have I ! What could have done this ?
Auria: They attacked him my little hatchlings! That's why!
Draco:Who attacked them ?
Auria: Those savage Picti!
Draco: Picti!?Then that means...Oh no!
Ayeka: Yeah you've been held captive by them while sick!!
Draco :I havent forgotten ...I will never forget .Brynn and Razorthorn are behind this!
Drusus: (groans asleep) You are right! Ohhhh!
Draco:So they did do this to you ?
Drusus: That insolent Razorthorn dared challenge me and injure me with his weapon!(whines a bit)

Auria: Keep resting.
Draco: Well that explains the spikes .
Drusus: I got so weak I fell through a house! Thankfully there were no people inside!
Draco: That was lucky !
Auria: (calms Drusus)You saved them. That's what's important. Tomorrow I will lead your recruits until you recover. (lowers her head to nuzzle him)

Ayeka: (walks away to a corner to avoid being seen in tears.)  (in her thoughts) I never thought it could end up like this. Those moments with my family I truly miss. But I now see that it doesn't last forever. This I just can't understand.  
Ayeka: (curls in sadness until Draco came to her)
Draco:Hey are you alright ?
Ayeka: (gasps and covers her face) What? Yeah!
Draco: ..You know you dont have to hide anything from me .
Ayeka: It's my parents.
Draco: What about your parents?
Ayeka: They are apart! Mostly because my Dad lives very far and he's got his duty to the Emperor out there!
Draco: Oh.
Ayeka:  I don't understand love!

Draco: I don’t think anyone understands it . Love is strange!
Ayeka:  And sometimes kinda gross! (sings)It’s embarrassingly gassy!  And it leaves its dirty thoughts and words in piles around the place.
Love is rude, it has a sort of smell.
And it thinks that you don't notice.
And it blurts out things
That make you want to smack its stupid face.
And it's awkward and confusing,
It annoys you half to death.
Then it grins that dopey grin
And you can't catch your breath.
Draco: (sings) Love is strange and sometimes sort of smug.
And it's really, really bossy.
And it messes with your head
Till you're a hopeless basket case.
Ayeka: And it’s stubborn!
Draco:  It’s insulting!
Ayeka: It’s obnoxious!
Draco: It’s the worst!
Both: You keep pushing it away,
And you fall in headfirst.
Love is strange-
Ayeka:  And often pretty drunk.
Draco: It’s not shiny like I’ve heard of!
Both:  And it's nothing like the fairy tales.
You grow up dreaming of.
Draco:  Love is weird.
Ayeka: Love is dumb.
Both: (looking at Auria and Drusus) Love is strange.
And that's what makes it love. (song ends)
Draco: Goodnight. (leaves)
(Next morning)

Ayeka: Look at all those people still staying here!
Draco:I think they will be here for a while.

Auria: (yawns) They better not cause any disturbance. We don't eat humans unless they hurt us first. That is our rule!
Draco: I doubt they will.
Auria: Well I must part on my duty.

Ayeka: You're leaving?

Auria: I have to my hatchling!
Draco: Because Drusus was hurt ?
Auria: Yes and he'll be staying in this cave until he gets better. Don't disturb him Ayeka! I'm serious!
Draco: I will make sure she won't.
Auria: Oh good!

Ayeka: (grins) He'll be sleeping all day and we'll probably head to the hatchery!
Draco: Which we should probably be going to very soon . With all that's going on I need to help out anyway I can .
Auria: Good so you two stay out of trouble! (exits to look for her team)

Ayeka: Farewell Mom. (turns to Draco to check on Drusus who remains asleep)
Draco: I think its best if we leave him alone,plus I really need to get to the hatchery soon.
Ayeka: Right.
Draco: Well let’s get going .
Ayeka: Well do you think the humans will bother him?
Draco: Maybe but I doubt it .
Drusus: (stirs and responds) They wouldn't intrude here!

Ayeka: (yelps) You're awake?

Drusus: Barely! (remains lying in his corner) >_<
Draco: I'm sorry if we have disturbed you.
Drusus: (remains silent)

Ayeka: We're leaving!
Draco:Yeah that's probably for the best .
Drusus: (dryly) I'll be fine just go.
Draco: Alright .Come on Ayeka let’s go.
Ayeka: Wait for me!

INT- The hatchery

Ayeka: Human kids?? (She stopped to look at the curious children)
Draco: I guess they are here to look at the newborns .
Ayeka: But who gets to look after them?(they look at the light green scaled adolescent dragon leading a group. Draco had met this dragon before as a land locked pirate captain.)

Dallin: I be the one responsible for the young'uns comin' here!

Ayeka: How?

Dallin: I simply stated that only children may enter the hatchery to watch us how we care for the eggs!
Draco:...Makes sense .
Ayeka: But they trust you!

Dallin: Oh sure! With all my heart!! Because they are still incorruptible! Provided I lead them back to their parents.
Draco: (nods)

Gyrde: Oh aye! Ye better keep yer word! Because it's not easy!
Draco: I am sure he will.
Gyrde: Of course I was just makin' sure! Now would ye like guide the children with me? I'm sure ye can get along with them and ye show them too!
Draco:Yes Ma'am !
Ayeka: Go for it.
Draco: (Smiles)

Ayeka: (gets patted by a little boy)Oh! (laughs)
Draco: (chuckles)
Ayeka: Easy now!

Little Boy: She talks!
Draco: (To himself) Why are humans always surprised about that ?
Ayeka: He's just a kid! (laughs)
Draco: Good point! (laughs)
(Soon, the two led the children to where the eggs lay. )

Gyrde: Now be careful everyone. Some of the eggs cannot be touched.

Dallin: Or they blow up!
Draco: And I doubt anyone wants that to happen.
Gyrde: (scolds Dallin) Arrgh don't scare the wee things like that! (To the children) Anyway be very careful especially the smaller and golden ones. The only way to calm them is(points at Draco) what my little helper did.

Little girl: (raises her hand) What did he do?

Gyrde: He sang to them.
Draco: (Whispers to himself) Please don’t ask me to sing. Please don’t ask me to sing.
Gyrde: (to Draco) You don't have to.
Draco: (Whispers to Gyrde) Thank you.
Gyrde: Anytime. (leans over the nest and hums gently to the smaller eggs as they glowed. The children looked in awe.)

Baby Roísin: (squeaks and coos happily recognizing her and Draco.)
Draco:Hello little one.(Smiles)
Ayeka: That's the new baby girl? (the small male hatchling crawls to her showing his external teeth after he yawned) Is this one from the golden eggs?
Draco: That's the first I saw born in here!

Ayeka: Oh! He does resemble someone Mom told me about from her childhood! She told me about a dragon who came from a falling star.

Draco:A falling star?
Ayeka: Yeah! Unbelievable isn't it?
Draco:I will admit, it sounds odd.
Ayeka: It is! It makes me wonder how we came to be!
Draco:...That is a good question.
Ayeka: If I meet with my Dad again I'd ask him this!
Draco:I will admit I am curious.
Ayeka: I might take you someday to him!
Draco: I will hold you to that (Smiles)


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My Cosplay Lineup:

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Saturday: Cinderella(2015 FILM)

Sunday: Kara from Dragonheart (for all the Game of Thrones cosplayers to take pictures with and have share some references!:XD: )


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